Jeff engages audiences around the world. He’s as comfortable speaking at executive leadership retreats as he is delivering keynote speeches at national meetings, tailoring his insight and ideas as needed.

Whether you want to tap his expertise in understanding college costs or managing financial investment strategies or you want to explore how human capital needs of the 21st century will impact tomorrow’s majors, he harnesses a bank of knowledge from his years monitoring, reporting and digging deep within the higher ed industry. Contact Jeff today to discuss your upcoming event or see him in action at an upcoming event.

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Here are just a few suggested topics:

The Value Gap

Going to college is worth it, but going to any college at any price may no longer be worth it. For the vast majority of colleges, the time has come to prove their worth. Prospective parents and students want to know if their experience will be rigorous enough to justify the cost and reap the rewards in the job market. This presentation lays out why academic rigor will play a greater role in the value proposition, as a simple credential will no longer cut it in some employment circles.

The Coming Disruption

The Internet has disrupted other content industries – music, publishing, and bookstores. Is higher education next? This presentation outlines what’s most at risk for colleges in the coming years and how prospective students and their families can prepare.

The College of the Future

As costs continue to rise, more and more students are looking for alternatives to the traditional undergraduate experience. Hybrid learning, three-year degrees, and no-frills colleges are going mainstream. Even for traditional students, the college of tomorrow will be much different than the undergrad days their parents fondly recall. This presentation takes the audience on a tour of the college of the future.

The Jobs of Tomorrow

With the economy in a constant state of change, how are students to pick a major that is supposed to provide them lifetime employment? The very definition of a major is changing and employers are demanding to know more about what students have actually learned in college. This presentation on how colleges might fill human capital needs in the future can be aimed at either consumers or employers.