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Upcoming Events


10 AM ET

Ferrum College Commencement

Ferrum College is a private college in Ferrum, Virginia. The college was established in 1913 and is associated with the United Methodist Church. It enrolls over 1,000 undergraduate and graduate students and offers over 54 undergraduate majors and two graduate programs.


12:10 PM

74th EWA National Seminar Panel: Who Gets Into the ‘Best’ Schools
The Education Writers Association’s 74th National Seminar will focus on the theme of “Now What? Reporting on Education Amid Uncertainty.”
Few education issues ignite greater passion than the question of who gets to go to coveted schools. At a time of reckoning over institutional racism, battles over admissions policies — from selective preschools to magnet high schools to top-ranked colleges — have acquired more urgency. What should journalists consider in covering this complex topic?


6:30 PM ET

Bryn Mawr College
Jeff will discuss Who Gets In & Why in a conversation with Bryn Mawr College.


7:00 PM ET

Horace Greeley High School PTA
Jeff will discuss Who Gets In & Why in a conversation with parents of the Horace Greeley High School Parent Teachers Association.


1:00 PM ET

PeopleGrove, Inc.
PeopleGrove is an edtech company whose mission is to help students succeed before, during, and after their time in college. PeopleGrove's focus is on providing students with “relationship-rich” experiences through technology.
This series is an extension of their in-person Innovators Conference, hosted annually. Without being able to host in-person events, PeopleGrove pivoted to a regular series with speakers from around higher education, research organizations, non-profits, and others.


12:40 PM ET

Campus Prevention Network Summit

The theme for this year’s Summit is “Student Success: Bringing Together Agenda-Setters and Change-Makers to Shape the Future of Higher Education.”

We will be discussing the impact of safety, well-being, and inclusion on the outcomes that matter most in this challenging time for higher education.

Past Events

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