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Who Gets In And Why

"A rare look inside....It's amazing."                                                                                                                  — CBS This Morning                                                 

"One of the most coolheaded examinations of the admissions process that I've read."                          — Frank Bruni, New York Times 

Journalist and higher education author Jeff Selingo gives you a peek behind the curtain of elite college admissions. He spent a year embedded in the selection process at the University of Washington, Emory University, and Davidson College. He followed a group of high-school seniors through the college search. And he introduces you to the players behind-the-scenes — the marketers, the financial-aid consultants, and the rankers — influencers who have an outsized role in in who gets in and why.

The result is a narrative that dispels entrenched notions of how to compete and win at the admissions game, revealing that teenagers and parents have much to gain by broadening their notion of what qualifies as a “good college.”

Why this Book is Even More Relevant Now

The pandemic has upended the college search for so many high-school students. And while some old rules of the admissions game no longer apply, teenagers are still competing on the same field. Who Gets In and Why gives you an insider's look at the field you'll be playing on, so you can better understand the rules you’re going to be following in the year ahead.

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